Tuesday, September 28, 2010

{Dessert Table} White Table

There’s a lot that goes through my mind when designing a table.  I am constantly changing and tweaking my designs until I feel like it all just “fits”.  I won’t even buy anything until I can visualize the whole table in my mind.

I draw upon the art education I've had quite often.  One of the most important lessons I learned involves making sure that the eye flows properly around the "art work".  Typically there are several ways to accomplish this, but with this table I struggled since every food element on the table was white.  Colors, shades, even the shapes of things are very important in my design process. For example, when I designed my Pea in the Pod table, I not only coordinated the green, white, and accents of yellow, I also incorporated a lot of round elements in the table. It provided further cohesiveness, and visual stimulation.

White Dessert Table

This all-white dessert table was designed for a 40th Birthday Party.  When designing a monochromatic table, I found that texture was very important to me; it really helped separate the items and give contrast, without the use of different colors.  I tried to make sure I incorporated lots of texture in the cake frosting, through the use of popcorn, in the candies, etc. Another element I used, along with varying textures, was to create varying heights in this table.  Although this table doesn't incorporate a lot of taller elements, I used the cake as the focal point and the ferns to help draw the eye up a bit.  Other food items, like the donut holes, candies, and popcorn gave a smaller, but much needed, “lift” as well.

WB 118 WB 132

 WB 137

WB 112 WB 124

This table was so fun to put together, and I was really happy with how everything turned out.  I love how a dessert table will take any party to an entirely new level.  I hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I did creating it!


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