Wednesday, January 26, 2011

{Table} Butterfly Birthday


Last weekend, my little girl turned four.  We were lucky enough to have all of her grandparents here to celebrate her birthday.  There were only fifteen of us all together, so I didn't want to do a huge dessert table, but I wanted there to be enough for everyone to have some variety.

IMG_6734[8]3 IMG_6744[8]--


We chose a butterfly theme and used pink, white, and touches of green.  I tried to add some unique touches to the table, like the little flowers on top of the ice cream, which were piped in royal icing.


It was such a wonderful day, my daughter loved the table and I had lots of fun putting some of my creative juices to use!

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Company Christmas Party {Dessert Table}

Here is the dessert table we did for a company Christmas party we styled for a business client.


Jamie was the queen of this one. She styled the whole thing, and designed the back-drop.

Heather designed the darling printables.


Katie made the delectable cupcakes, and Jamie used colored chocolate to festively decorate the mini cinnamon rolls and cream puffs.  




There were apothecaries with peppermint bark and candies, and pastries filled with raspberry and cream cheese.





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Monday, November 15, 2010

{Table} Black, Silver & a little BLING

A couple of weeks ago, Michelle from Maddycakes Muse contacted me about creating a dessert table for her sister’s 60th birthday here in Vegas.  First of all…Michelle is an AMAZING party planner based out of Glendale, Arizona, and needless to say I was rather intimidated.  She was bringing her sister out here, along with a few family members, to celebrate, and she wanted to have a special dessert table for the big day.  Being from out of town, she didn’t have the recourses to pull one together.  So…she turned to her blog friends and we came to the rescue!! 


Katie Nelson of Sweet Street Cakes made this incredible cake that topped off the table. 

Burt 032  Burt 017

Emily helped with the graphic elements on the table and Whitney made the super cute cookie favors.

Burt 006

Burt 071

Burt 073

Burt 063

It was sooo much fun being a part of Jackie’s special night!  Thanks, Michelle, for letting us take part!!



{Table} Kristin’s Table Transformation

Can you believe Thanksgiving is right around the corner? I always feel like the last two months of the year creep up on me and fly by before I even know what’s going on. That’s why I embrace simplicity when November rolls around.


I put together my first dessert table for our annual Halloween party this year. I really enjoyed doing it, actually, and have already sent out invites for a Thanksgiving dinner party in a couple of weeks. Because I don’t exactly have time to start from square one [who does?], a few modifications to my Halloween table is all it will take to get our Thanksgiving party ready for action.


Setting up the framework for the table is what took me the longest. I fiddled with the different levels and stressed about fitting everything on the table without it looking crowded. Since I finally came up with something I liked, why change it? The small details will change the entire table.

For starters, I’ll be changing all the blacks to browns. Orange and black are Halloween. Orange and brown are wonderfully Fall.

Making other small changes only complete the transformation. The blackbirds will be replaced with acorns; the black twig wreath exchanged for a wreath full of oak leaves and unshelled nuts; twine for ribbon, and burgundy, ochre, cream and brown for orange and black.

Kristin copy


{Dessert Table} Vintage Truck Table

A while ago I hinted about a project that we were working on here at WhipperBerry.  A project that involved yellows and grays, one of my favorite color palettes right now (I bet you couldn’t tell).  It also involved a truck…a BEAUTIFUL truck.  This truck is owned by our friends Max & Christi at the McKee Ranch.  As soon as we saw it we knew we had to create a dessert table just for this truck!

_MG_2262 a

Isn’t it a gem?!!

_MG_2278 a

I am soooo in love with this truck.

We got to work.  I was in charge of the concept and overall design.  Whitney made AMAZING cookies…Christene made gorgeous cake skewers and tasty lemon cheesecakes

_MG_2216 a  _MG_2237 a

…Jamie made the beautiful sugared pears, and Emily handmade the leaves for the pears, as well as the pie wrappers…Kristin created the beautiful labels for the table…

_MG_2282 a

…Erin provided the picturesque location at The Secret Garden (she even got us featured on the local news!) …and Jeanna Hayes {our unofficial WhipperChick} took some incredible photos!  All in all, a real team effort.

_MG_2221 a

_MG_2223 a  _MG_2226 a

{Click here to see the tutorial on how to make this fabric chandelier.}

_MG_2220 a  _MG_2227 a

_MG_2289  _MG_2389 a

The icing on top…Amy Atlas featured our table last week on her blog!!  It doesn’t get any better than that.

So now that you know what gets my creative mind headed into overdrive, what’s your muse? 


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{Halloween Table} Take Two

In designing a dessert table, all aspects need to be considered. The age group and theme the event is to be centered around, the client’s desires, and of course…location, location, location!  By request, our Halloween Table needed to be featured at another event. This time outside! Wow, sometimes original plans have to be adapted. Don’t be discouraged! Most of the elements can be reused, but with a spin. Instead of having the dark window behind as a backdrop, find a spooky tree as an accent, or change the angle of the lanterns—or both!

_MG_2209 a

_MG_2188 a   _MG_2352 a

_MG_2190 a

_MG_2352 a    _MG_2344 a

_MG_2364 a    _MG_2206 a

_MG_2203 a     _MG_2176 a 

Here in Las Vegas--even in the fall--sherbet outside is never a good idea, unless you want your guests to be drinking no-longer layered foam. Switch it up for a colored soda or root beer with dry ice for fun.

Place refrigerated items on the table moments before serving, and only put out minimal amounts to start. They can be refilled as needed. 

Who knows, you might even enjoy living up to the challenge. The most important thing to remember is, no matter what, you’ll be the hit of the party with your guests none the wiser.

For recipes from this table click on the links below…

_MG_2176 a

Yogurt Filled Chocolate Cups





WB 122

Layered Sherbet Potion





_MG_2193 a

Spooky Brownie Bites





_MG_2179 a

Boolicious Pear Ghosts





_MG_2184 a

Monster Munch





Photos for this session were created by Jeanna Hayes Photography.

Happy Haunting everyone!!

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