Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fall Cupcakes

I’m a rather non-traditional kind of girl.  When I think of Fall, I don’t necessarily gravitate to reds, oranges, and browns.   My mind tends to find it’s muse in rather odd places.  On our trip to Santee Alley I found this AMAZING fabric that just whispers the coming of fall to me.  The green, brown, and blue just seem to say, “It’s coming.  The end of the summer is near”.  Yesterday was my daughter’s thirteenth birthday and I thought it would be a fun excuse to make some fabulous, almost-Fall cupcakes to celebrate the day.

To begin, I found a fun pattern for cupcake wrappers from The Sweetest Pattern Shop on Etsy.  Love that cute shop!  I discovered some wonderful paper that complimented my AMAZING fabric, and got to work.  Here is the finished product…


 3 1

 WB 8

First of all, isn’t that fabric DIVINE?  I have mounted it on some canvas to hang on the wall so that I can look at it when I want to feel happy.  What makes you happy?  What makes you think of Fall?  I would love to hear.

In honor of Fall I am joining a Fall Frenzy Linky Party at Craftaholics Anonymous.  I can just feel the crisp Fall air, can’t you?  Go to Craftaholics Anonymous to check out all the fun!

Some exciting news to share!  Gabrielle Blair, a.k.a. Design Mom featured my Beaded Binkie Clips last week on her blog, and on Babble.com.  Can’t you just hear my squeals of delight?


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bridal Dessert Table

We've been very busy putting together this dessert table for the bridal fair this weekend.  It’s been a wonderful collaborative effort by all the girls. Heather took care of the fabulous photography, the pudding cups, and helped me out with some of the other desserts. Emily made the amazing boxes. Kelly, Erin’s sister, created this amazing cake, and Erin provided the entire backdrop and our ticket into the bridal fair. We are really hoping that this table will "shine" at the show and spark a lot of interest from all the anxious brides.

The table was inspired by just about anything sparkly.  From the backdrop and the brooches on the cake, to the mirrored platforms and boxes, I tried to add a little shimmer and shine to the whole table.  What girl doesn't love a little sparkle in her life?

WB 039

WB 065        WB 128

WB 125     WB 067

WB 099

WB 109        WB 060

WB 071

This is also to announce that Tables by WhipperBerry is officially open for business!  Contact us, tables@whipperberry.com if you are interested in creating one of these magical tables for your special event!

Donat 052 Also, for some added fun, Heather had another newborn session yesterday.  Come check it out! You may either click on the link here or click on the Photo tab at the top of the page.

Erin has some amazing tips for brides today in our Wedding section.  Come see what this veteran has to say about Bridal Shows.  How to attend one and surviveAgain, you may click on the link or click on the Wedding tab at the top of the page.

For more information on Kelly’s cakes you can see her portfolio at The Secret Garden Website or you may contact her, sweethartist@gmail.com.


Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Pea in a Pod

I’ve been a cake decorator for a couple of years now.  I approached the art of caking like I do most things I want to learn about in life, I just started.  I made a lot of mistakes.  My first few cakes looked like they had boils beneath their fondant skin and I quickly learned that cake mixes make a cake too fluffy to bear the weight of fondant.   So I had sagging, pimply cakes.   But I didn’t give up! I kept trying new techniques and I eventually got to the point where I started selling my cakes.  I loved making cakes, and I felt like I was satiating my creative passion.  

Then I was introduced to the world of dessert tables. 

I just had to try one to see if it was as fun to create as it was beautiful to look at. I found the perfect opportunity by asking my friend if I could throw a baby shower for her.  We talked about themes and decided to go with “A Pea in the Pod”.  The shower turned out beautifully and I had great help from so many friends.  Heather took gorgeous photographs and we all enjoyed a fabulous evening.


IMG_7412  IMG_7435


IMG_7440 IMG_7460



The following week, I submitted my table to Amy Atlas and she featured it on her website.  I really couldn’t believe that my first attempt at a dessert table was featured by the most famous dessert stylist I knew. 


Needless to say, I have found a new passion, and I’m so excited to do more.


Birthday Candy Dreams

WB 061

I designed this amazing confectionary dream for my daughter's 10th birthday party. Thank heavens I own a wedding facility with all of the trays, jars, centerpieces, and a personal pastry chef! To be perfectly honest, I don't bake worth a darn--so my sister, the pastry chef, made the AMAZING cake, and my husband made the mini brownies and cupcakes. I bought all of the candy at the dollar store. I would honestly hire out Tables by WhipperBerry to do this for your next event instead of "do-it-yourself". It’s not as easy as it looks. The investment in the hardware alone would be astronomical!

 WB 041 WB 035WB 047  WB 032

WB 005

My daughter and her friends were extremely impressed, well as much as 10 year olds can be. But then came the sugar high and the sugar crash... did I mention it was a sleepover for 9 little girls?! What was I thinking? This was truly a sacrifice of love. Maybe next year I'll just buy her an i-Pad and call it a day...

Tell us what you think, we love to hear from all our WhipperFriends!  And, don’t forget to enter this weeks Giveaway!


Red and Blue Mini-Dessert Table

In an effort to give my sister a taste of what I do in life, we created a mini-dessert table together. She made a comment about halfway through our escapade that it was a lot more work than what she expected, and the woman speaks the truth. Dessert tables are time consuming, but for me, the reward far outweighs the work.

The color choices were inspired by Glory of Glorious Treats.  I think these colors are so very summery.  They make me want to sip a lemonade while wearing a floppy sun hat. 

whipperberry@ 048 whipperberry@ 032 whipperberry@ 036  whipperberry@ 054 whipperberry@ 050 whipperberry@ 028 whipperberry@ 020

Stay tuned for a tutorial on the paper garland next week!


Paris Berry Table

Walking the streets of Paris, from a design aspect, was an amazing inspiration.  The colors, the textures, the attention to simple details all combine to make a city that can truly inspire your imagination.  That was what I had in mind when I presented the pictures for the photo/table challenge.  Overwhelmingly, the winner was the berry photo.

48 copy

I too love the colors, the freshness of the berries, and thought it would make for a great dessert table.  Here we have it, the Paris Berry table…

Berry Table 021 Berry Table 025 Berry Table 062 Berry Table 023 Berry Table 048 Berry Table 041


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