Monday, November 15, 2010

{Halloween Table} Take Two

In designing a dessert table, all aspects need to be considered. The age group and theme the event is to be centered around, the client’s desires, and of course…location, location, location!  By request, our Halloween Table needed to be featured at another event. This time outside! Wow, sometimes original plans have to be adapted. Don’t be discouraged! Most of the elements can be reused, but with a spin. Instead of having the dark window behind as a backdrop, find a spooky tree as an accent, or change the angle of the lanterns—or both!

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_MG_2364 a    _MG_2206 a

_MG_2203 a     _MG_2176 a 

Here in Las Vegas--even in the fall--sherbet outside is never a good idea, unless you want your guests to be drinking no-longer layered foam. Switch it up for a colored soda or root beer with dry ice for fun.

Place refrigerated items on the table moments before serving, and only put out minimal amounts to start. They can be refilled as needed. 

Who knows, you might even enjoy living up to the challenge. The most important thing to remember is, no matter what, you’ll be the hit of the party with your guests none the wiser.

For recipes from this table click on the links below…

_MG_2176 a

Yogurt Filled Chocolate Cups





WB 122

Layered Sherbet Potion





_MG_2193 a

Spooky Brownie Bites





_MG_2179 a

Boolicious Pear Ghosts





_MG_2184 a

Monster Munch





Photos for this session were created by Jeanna Hayes Photography.

Happy Haunting everyone!!

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