Monday, November 15, 2010

{Dessert Table} Blue & Green Birthday Table

WB 117

This weekend we celebrated my daughter’s 13th birthday.  Blue and green are her favorite colors, so I used that as the starting point for this table.

WB 170   WB 195

I would love to take credit for the cake, but alas I cannot.  It is from an amazing bakery here in Vegas called Nothing Bundt Cakes. If you live here you MUST try it--it’s heavenly. We had white chocolate popcorn and Oreo truffles too, yum!  Not to mention all the candy.

WB 156   WB 194

You may recognize the bunting. Click on this link for the tutorial on how to make this little lovely.

WB 209 WB 145

The printables were designed by none other than our talented graphics girl, Kristin Call from Call me Kristin.  You can purchase the custom printables from this table at Kristin’s Etsy shop: Peach Tree Paperie.

The cake pops were created by an amazingly talented lady: Deena from My Sugar Mama.  I photographed some of her amazing creations the other day so she offered to help out with my little party. What a Gal!!

WB 173

I’m in love with buntings so of course I had to add one to the cake as well.

The party was sooo fun.  We had our own drive-in movie!  Emily, and her sweet husband, set up a movie screen on the side of their house along with an amazing surround sound system, and we sat outside under the stars with a gaggle of thirteen year old girls and watched “How to Train your Dragon!” 

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Kisses my to my little sweetie!!

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  1. I think we have a lot of the same taste. I love everything you have done. This would be my absolute dream job{creating beautiful parties}!


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