Sunday, August 15, 2010

Birthday Candy Dreams

WB 061

I designed this amazing confectionary dream for my daughter's 10th birthday party. Thank heavens I own a wedding facility with all of the trays, jars, centerpieces, and a personal pastry chef! To be perfectly honest, I don't bake worth a darn--so my sister, the pastry chef, made the AMAZING cake, and my husband made the mini brownies and cupcakes. I bought all of the candy at the dollar store. I would honestly hire out Tables by WhipperBerry to do this for your next event instead of "do-it-yourself". It’s not as easy as it looks. The investment in the hardware alone would be astronomical!

 WB 041 WB 035WB 047  WB 032

WB 005

My daughter and her friends were extremely impressed, well as much as 10 year olds can be. But then came the sugar high and the sugar crash... did I mention it was a sleepover for 9 little girls?! What was I thinking? This was truly a sacrifice of love. Maybe next year I'll just buy her an i-Pad and call it a day...

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  1. Tempting! Accent your choices with interesting jars and candy dishes over a bright and fun tablecloth. Stagger them on tiers, tie some balloons, and include little boxes for your guests to use and create their own to-go candy bag or favors.

    black and white candy buffet NH


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