Sunday, August 15, 2010

Red and Blue Mini-Dessert Table

In an effort to give my sister a taste of what I do in life, we created a mini-dessert table together. She made a comment about halfway through our escapade that it was a lot more work than what she expected, and the woman speaks the truth. Dessert tables are time consuming, but for me, the reward far outweighs the work.

The color choices were inspired by Glory of Glorious Treats.  I think these colors are so very summery.  They make me want to sip a lemonade while wearing a floppy sun hat. 

whipperberry@ 048 whipperberry@ 032 whipperberry@ 036  whipperberry@ 054 whipperberry@ 050 whipperberry@ 028 whipperberry@ 020

Stay tuned for a tutorial on the paper garland next week!


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